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Jennifer Tytler, PrincipalI write to you to share my experience on the Digital Classrooms installed by us in our school through Pearson Edcuation Services Pvt Limited.
We started with Digiclass in our shool 2.5 years back and have seen a sea change in the entire functioning of the school, with all the stake holders reaping the benefits.   » know more…

Mrs. Jeniffer Tytler, Principal, J.D. Tytler School, New Delhi

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Fr Biju John Chulayillaplackal Imparting education to today's youngsters, by applying technological aids, is one of the means of making them competitive in this ever demanding world. The classrooms of St. Antony's Public School now have the advantage of DigiClass solution. From black board teaching to the latest interactive board teaching, we have indeed come a long way. It comes with numerous animations, clear cut descriptions, and well-defined graphics for all the subjects. Edurite has refined the teaching-learning process and made it easier and enjoyable. It is truly a boon to both teachers and students.
Fr. Biju John Chulayillaplackal, Vice Principal, St. Antony's Public High School, Kottayam Dist., Kerala

Dr. D.S.Bhullar, Principal Students find the sessions in DigiClass more interesting as it has brought digital revolution. Edurite has brought the excitement of technology to trek through the world of routine topics. Teachers just love it because it makes their teaching more effective and innovative which make the students to understand with more clarity to achieve excellence in academics. I highly appreciate the co-operation and services Edurite is providing to the school.

Dr. D.S.Bhullar, Principal, Shiwalik Public School, Ropar, Punjab

Jyoti Gandhi, Principal We are pleased to inform that our teachers and children are satisfied with the software. The teacher's training program, updating of the content, rectification of queries and visits of the management people from the company is note-worthy.

Jyoti Gandhi, Principal, Shrii Shreeji English Medium School, Navsari Dist., Gujarat

Principal Kadambur English School I am pleased to express my hearty appreciation to your firm for having set up DigiClass in our school. The whole system is very remarkable. The faculty who had conducted orientation classes for our teachers was brilliant. Edurite Technologies did a good job. You were very responsive and receptive to our suggestions.

The Project was realised in a very little time frame and the equipments supplied were of high quality. The system is being put to use in the school very satisfactory.

The Principal, Kadambur English School, Kannur, Kerala

Saroj Tola, Chairperson Delhi International School, Faridkot is empowering education with DigiClass programme and its Multimedia Enabled application by Manipal Group. To lighten proficiency by installing sense of confidence and focus to inculcate scientific temper, Edurite has made the software well designed & best to the level of all the students.

Saroj Tola, Chairperson, Delhi International School, Faridkot, Punjab

Fr. Joseph Thelekkatt sdb, Principal We have been using Edurite programme in five computer-aided classrooms for the last one year. It has increased student interaction, interest and curiosity. The students have lauded the programme and are eager to attend the classes in the computer- aided classrooms. The teachers are beginning to appreciate the multimedia teaching programmes and some have already began to make their own multimedia programmes for their subjects. We are looking forward to further enhanced programmes from Edurite.

Fr. Joseph Thelekkatt sdb, Principal, Don Bosco School, Guwahati, Assam

The Principal, C. K. M. N. S. S, Chalakudy, Kerala Edurite Technologies provides a great supporting system to the innovative dimension of the education today. The ICT methodology provided by Edurite helps in enhancing participation and assimilation of difficult concepts, leading to better and enjoyable learning experience for students. It is distinctive collaborative effort, making classroom sessions more vibrant and interesting giving shape to the "Joy of Learning".

The Principal,, C. K. M. N. S. S, Chalakudy, Kerala

Sanjay Kumar Suar, Principal Introducing multimedia digital interactive classroom content of Manipal K-12 Education from Bangalore for School Children and teachers has made great impact in teaching and learning process of the KiiT International School, Bhubaneswar positively.

It is user friendly and rich in updated attractive contents. The freedom of teachers to put their thoughts, ideas and suggestions into the content has established a fruitful student centered curriculum.

Sanjay Kumar Suar, Principal, KiiT International School, Bhubaneswar, Orissa